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Let's keep it simple. We are a family that loves sharing moments with food. I believe when we bake or cook, our hearts are always the main ingredient to any great recipe. Our baking journey began years ago when I baked a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and it turned out a complete disaster! Despite that failure, I was fascinated by the idea of creating beautiful desserts from scratch. This is what catapulted us to learn and experiment with various recipes and continue to improve which quickly became a family affair! It also sparked our annual holiday pie wars and baking extravaganza! 

Born and raised in Albuquerque, we have always had a vision of being a part of something special in Old Town. After all, Old Town is where we grew up and has always had a special place in our hearts. We wanted to offer Old Town something new and exciting. We knew we could spread joy and share our passion through baking, so my family and I put our efforts together to start Flying RoadRunner Bakery. 

My Grandpa had a saying: " In life, do you want to run like a roadrunner or do you want to fly like an eagle?" Well essentially we wanted to fly so my family and I moved to Seattle, WA to experience a big city and all the opportunity that comes with it. We fell in love with the city but as time went by something seemed to be missing, our soul. From the kind people to red chile that runs in our veins or the smell during a rainstorm, there is no other city that can compete with New Mexican culture. It is truly a part of us and everything we are. My family and I came home to really enjoy and soak in our roots. It's a funny thing, we realized we will always be roadrunners but were going to figure out how to fly. Flying RoadRunner Bakery only seemed fitting. 

"In Life do you want to run like roadrunner or fly like an eagle?

-Lee Pacheco

"Our family will always be roadrunners but we will choose to fly"

-Erika Farr & Family

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